Monday, July 2, 2012

Where have the past 6 months gone?

I know everyone told me time would fly once Gavin was here, but seriously? They weren't kidding! I can't believe my baby boy will be 6 months old in 3 days.  July 5th will be a VERY special day for us.  That is Gavin's 6 month birthday and my Aunt Cin's birthday.  Last year on her birthday she was suffering, now she is free, so we will celebrate her and Gavin all in the same day, and I will make sure that day is a very happy and special day for all of us!

At Gavin's 6 month check up he was 17.8 pounds (75th percentile) and 28 1/4 inches long (his percentile dropped on this one, only 97th now!) and his head is in the 25th percentile now.  He did great with his shots while he was getting them, only let out one yell and then he was fine.  The aftermath of the shots was the worse it has been for us yet.  He ran a fever for 3 days, was fussy, not eating well and insisted on being held, only by mommy, 24/7 (not that I'm complaining).  We had to miss our nephew's 4th birthday party too, which sucked, hope he didn't miss us too much ;)

After his appointment we got the all clear to start introducing all sorts of new baby foods to Gavin and our doctor told us a really cool tip for cereal! We put the dry cereal into his baby food and it thickens it up and he gets the nutrition from the cereal.  I know alot of people probably already knew that, but I didn't and thought it was a great idea!

Gavin is now eating an 8oz bottle with 1/8 cup of rice cereal at 7:30, a jar of food and cereal mixed in and an 8oz bottle at 11:30, a 6 oz bottle at 3:30, a jar of food and cereal mixed in and a 4 oz bottle at 6 and another 8oz bottle at 8! Whew, that boy eats a lot!!!! Gavin no longer eats in the middle of the night and sleeps through the night on some occassions, nothing regular, but it's hard to tell because he's TEETHING!!

Gavin's first tooth broke through on Friday, the skin is open and that little white tooth is poking through, not all the way up yet! The one next to it is about to come through too.  He has been fussy and chewing on anything and everything lately!

Not only does the boy have a tooth now, he is a crawling mad man! He goes everywhere, don't look away, he will be gone! He rolls over the entire living room and will crawl too! It's crazy to see him growing so fast, if he understood me he would hear mommy telling him to STOP GROWING on a daily basis! I just seriously cannot believe he is growing so fast! I wish I could stop time, right now and live in it forever!

We have a VERY busy July and can't wait to spend lots of family time together and make lots of memories.  We are taking Gavin on his first camping trip next weekend, that should be fun!

Here are some pics we had taken on Sunday by an awesome photographer! Chelsea Euliss Photography is awesome! Find her on Facebook, I promise you won't regret it :)