Sunday, April 17, 2011

The two week wait...

Here is a little update of what has been going on the past few days...We went to the specialist in Kansas City on Thursday morning (after I threw a fit and cried about having to give myself the Ovidrel shot on Wednesday night, which I did end up administering myself!).  We got there and checked in, then had to wait about an hour for them to get everything "ready".  We then went back and met with the nurse and verified all of the information on everything that was going to be used, then we were about to start the procedure.  I figured everything would just go as it had the other two times I had gotten IUI, but soon I realized this was not the case! We were going to have to WORK to get this baby!!!

I layed there for about 15 minutes while the nurse poked around trying to get the catheter into my uterus.  She couldn't get it, and said my uterus wouldn't sit still.  She tried a clamp which was terribly painful, so she took it off.  After about 30 minutes of attempting to get my uterus to cooperate and open she decided to give me a rest while she tracked down another nurse to see if she could get my uterus to cooperate. 

In came the second nurse who asked if I had any problems before, I told her that we didn't have any problems in the past. She said she could get the catheter in somewhat but wasn't sure it was in far enough.  Then the light bulb went off in my head.  Is this why the other two attempted IUI's didn't work?  Did my last doctor in St. Louis just give up becuase my uterus wasn't cooperating and administer the washed sperm without the catheter being in the appropriate position? It was then that I decided to just shut my mouth about what hurt and let her do what she needed to do to get that dang catheter in where it needed to be! I was praying over and over to God letting him know that I was ok if this wasn't meant to be, if we weren't meant to be getting this procedure right then, to just let me know and I would tell them to stop. Right then, the nurse said, ok, we are all done! She got it! We did it! 

I then had to lay there for 15 minutes to make sure everything stayed in and to give the little "swimmers" time top get to their destination and then we were off...back on our 3 hour journey home.  I was obviously not the most comfortable sitting in the car, so Joe drove for about 2 hours to let me have some rest (even though he had only slept for about 2 hours in the past 24 with his work schedule) and then I took over and drove the rest of the way home.

I was crampy the rest of the night and just felt like all I wanted to do was lay around.  I was crampy all weekend, which we read could be a good sign of success, so we have our fingers crossed!

Today I started the Progesterone suppositories, that is not the most awesome thing in the world, but it's not so bad.  I have more blood taken on Thursday to make sure my progesterone levels are good and then can take a pregnancy test on the 29th.  We are just hoping everything goes great and my body decides to cooperate this time. 

In the meantime, we are still waiting to hear back from Joe's job opportunity in Kansas City and we have Servolution next weekend at our church.  We are super pumped for the week ahead, so hopefully that will help the time go by because neither one of us are looking forward to the 2 week wait!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Third time is the charm! (hopefully)

Today was the see if the medicine worked and continue treatment or learn the news that it didn't work and we would have to start over next month.  My doctor here in Springfield has been doing all the labs for my specialist in Kansas City to minimize the number of trips and time off work.  So, I went to my doctor here to get an ultrasound to see the follicles and get them measured.  I have one good and large follicle in my right ovary and a 4 smaller ones and then a bunch of smaller ones in my left ovary.  I kept asking the tech for the measurements of the follicles and the measurement of my lining and she wouldn't tell me! She kept saying "I don't know what all of that means or what they are looking for".  I said well I do, so just tell me...she wouldn't! I was so frustrated because I would have to wait for her to send the results to my doctor in Kansas City and then wait for my doctor in Kansas City to call me with the results.  After the ultrasound was done and the tech left, I snuck a peak at the ultrasound pictures that had printed out and saw that the large follicle said 2.28cm.  I wasn't sure how to convert cm to mm, so I had to wait to get to the car to get on the internet.

I knew my follicle needed to be between 18-24mm and mine was 22.8, so I thought that was pretty good, but I was still upset that there was only one follicle. I thought I would have like 3 or 4 of them, but no, just 1 follicle.  I got back to the office and was upset about the one follicle, so no one really asked me any further questions.  I emailed my doctor in Kansas City to tell her that I had the ultrasound and asked her to call me when she could.  I don't think time could have krept by any slower, but I suppose it could have.  3:20 came around and I saw the "913" area code ringing on my phone, I was so excited!

After the specialist told me she hadn't gotten the results and we tracked down my ultrasound results she told me that the follicle was actually bigger than I thought coming in at a whopping 25 mm!!!!!! She told me she was surprised that I hadn't already ovulated because it was so big and gave me instructions to give myself the Ovidrel shot tonight between 8-10 pm and that I needed to be in Kansas City in the morning for an appointment at 10:30 am to start the process of the IUI.  I can't believe it is so soon! 2 weeks ago I would have told you this would take forever, but it's already here!

This will be our 3rd attempted IUI. Since the last IUI I have lost 40 pounds, taken a stronger medication, took a z-pack, had another round of blood work and am giving myself the Ovidrel shot, so hopefully all of those things add up to SUCCESS!!! Most researchers say it takes an average woman 3-6 tries at IUI before a live birth, so here is to hoping 3rd time is the charm! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nature Center Hike

The past few weekends have been so nice outside, we have been hiking at the Nature Center in Springfield to get in some good exercise and be outside! We usually do about 2 1/2 to 3 miles of walking/hiking and we get to see some great wildlife!  Today, was an exceptional day for wildlife and I wanted to share some fantastic pictures! It was a great hike, nice breeze and tons of animals!

There were 3 wild turkeys all calling for the 2 females that were across the water!

This is one of the females

This little guy was trying to get across the gravel walkway, Joe helped him shorten his trip!

Cute little turtles getting some sun!

This is one of my favorite spots on the trail.  Water flows right over the rocks you walk on, it is so serene and beautiful, I just love to watch it!

I love it so much, I wanted our picture in front of it!

This little box turtle was just trying to hang out and enjoy his day, until we came along, we scared him back into his shell...oops!

Even caterpillers were out!

Look closely, deer is in the center of the picture.  He knows where it's safe!

This floating bridge is pretty cool, but no animals were there!

Loved the pink tree, of course! So pretty!!

If it's nice tomorrow, we will probably head out to the Nature Center again! It really is a great place, and we love getting the exercise!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is meant to be will be

Last night I drove Joe to work so that I could pick him up in the morning and just have one car in Springfield when we left for KC.  I drove most of the way while Joe slept.  The entire way there all I could think about is whether we would find out if our world is going to change.  We both knew deep down we wouldn't get all of the answers today, but we both secretly hoped we would.  We stopped at Subway at about 9:30 AM for Joe to eat his "dinner" and change into his interview attire.  While there, a worker accidently set of their alarm and it was sort of funny and broke the tension we both had, all you could do was laugh! He ate, changed and off we were to Raytown, Missouri (a suberb of KC) where KMBC is located for Joe's interview.

I dropped him off at the door of the station at exactly 10:09 for his interview which was set to start at 10:30.  I then parked the car in their parking lot and waited, and waited, and waited.  I was becoming so anxious I was texting one of my friends and co-workers almost the entire time to get my mind off what was going on inside those doors. And then read 2 magazines, started a book and waited and waited and waited some more!

TWO HOURS later, I saw Joe walk out the two black tinted doors at the front of the building with his head down, he cracked a smile when he saw me intently watching him walk to the car.  I was so anxious I wanted to jump out of the car and start talking, but I contained myself and waited for him to get to the car.

He got in and said everything went well.  His writing was great, they liked his work ethic and he thought he would fit in with the rest of the people.  Joe was in awe of how big and advanced the station is compared to where he is now and he can see a great future with the station.  But then we got to the part about whether he got the job or not.  It wasn't a no, but wasn't a yes.  It was a "we'll be making a decision in the next few weeks and will be in contact".  For anyone that knows me, they know waiting is not my strong suite, so I guess we will see how these next few weeks go. 

We just have to continue to tell ourselves what is meant to be will be.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where to start?

So I gave in and decided to start a blog.  My best friend has one and I love reading all about her life and what her daughter, Olivia, is up to, so I figured my family would like to be able to read about what's going on in our neck of the woods too. 

Most everyone knows, Joe and I have been trying to conceive for almost three years now and have suffered through two losses.  We have been seeing fertility specialistS for almost two years now and have gotten no answers, not even a "you're too fat lose some weight".  Nothing. Just nothing.  We have done it all, ultrasounds, clomid, ovulation tets, basal body temperature, I have had my tubes checked, Joe has been checked, everything comes back A Ok.  Not such a great answer for someone who wants a REAL answer.  So we decided about a year ago we would just leave it up to God.  About that time we were moving to Republic for Joe's job and we had hope with a new city would come new doctors and new opinions.  I had an appointment with a regular OB/GYN to see what he thought.  He said all my tests looked fine and recommended us to the Reproductive Resource Center in Kansas City.  We went, they did an ultrasound and found I have polycystic ovaries, not the full blown syndrome, my ovaries just produce a lot of little eggs, never big enough to rupture and be fertilized.  They have a rigorous plan including letozole, ovidrel shots, ultrasounds, and IUI.  We have done IUI twice before, this is our third attempt, however we are confident it will work this time, the doctor is too.

I have lost a totalof 41 pounds in 4 months, per the doctor's request an we are now about to embark on the journey of our 3rd attempted IUI.  I have been on my letrozole for two days now, and feel crampy after taking the meds.  Joe and I are both on Z-packs to rid any infection there may be, he has gotten his blood drawn for the final tests for infection and I get mine drawn tomorrow.  I have an appointment next Wednesday for my ultrasound to see if my eggs are large enough to get my shot of ovidrel to trigger ovulation.  We will then go to Kansas City to get the IUI.  Cross your fingers this works, for REAL this time, so we can have a blessing in our arms, at last!

In other news:  Joe has a 2nd job interview this Thursday in KANSAS CITY, MO! He was contacted by the Exeutive Producer at KMBC asking him to apply for the mornig show producer position they have available.  He sent in his resume and a show he recently produced.  The EP called him and said his stuff is being sent to the morning show EP and that she would be in contact with him.  Monday, the morning show EP called and wanted to see him ASAP for an interview and to meet the staff. If it all goes well, we will be packing up, leavig Republic and my best friend, and embarking on our new life.  The financials of this new job are amazing and his salary would nearly double.  I already contacted my old boss at Millsap & Singer and she may have a position for me in their Leawood, Kansas office, which would be awesome.

SOOO....fingers crossed! This month is huge to us.  We could potentially be moving 300 miles away and be expecting our first child all in one month! The thought of being able to pay off almost all of our debt by the end of the year and be deliverying our child at the end of the year is amazing and scary all at the same time.