Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is meant to be will be

Last night I drove Joe to work so that I could pick him up in the morning and just have one car in Springfield when we left for KC.  I drove most of the way while Joe slept.  The entire way there all I could think about is whether we would find out if our world is going to change.  We both knew deep down we wouldn't get all of the answers today, but we both secretly hoped we would.  We stopped at Subway at about 9:30 AM for Joe to eat his "dinner" and change into his interview attire.  While there, a worker accidently set of their alarm and it was sort of funny and broke the tension we both had, all you could do was laugh! He ate, changed and off we were to Raytown, Missouri (a suberb of KC) where KMBC is located for Joe's interview.

I dropped him off at the door of the station at exactly 10:09 for his interview which was set to start at 10:30.  I then parked the car in their parking lot and waited, and waited, and waited.  I was becoming so anxious I was texting one of my friends and co-workers almost the entire time to get my mind off what was going on inside those doors. And then read 2 magazines, started a book and waited and waited and waited some more!

TWO HOURS later, I saw Joe walk out the two black tinted doors at the front of the building with his head down, he cracked a smile when he saw me intently watching him walk to the car.  I was so anxious I wanted to jump out of the car and start talking, but I contained myself and waited for him to get to the car.

He got in and said everything went well.  His writing was great, they liked his work ethic and he thought he would fit in with the rest of the people.  Joe was in awe of how big and advanced the station is compared to where he is now and he can see a great future with the station.  But then we got to the part about whether he got the job or not.  It wasn't a no, but wasn't a yes.  It was a "we'll be making a decision in the next few weeks and will be in contact".  For anyone that knows me, they know waiting is not my strong suite, so I guess we will see how these next few weeks go. 

We just have to continue to tell ourselves what is meant to be will be.


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