Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Third time is the charm! (hopefully)

Today was the see if the medicine worked and continue treatment or learn the news that it didn't work and we would have to start over next month.  My doctor here in Springfield has been doing all the labs for my specialist in Kansas City to minimize the number of trips and time off work.  So, I went to my doctor here to get an ultrasound to see the follicles and get them measured.  I have one good and large follicle in my right ovary and a 4 smaller ones and then a bunch of smaller ones in my left ovary.  I kept asking the tech for the measurements of the follicles and the measurement of my lining and she wouldn't tell me! She kept saying "I don't know what all of that means or what they are looking for".  I said well I do, so just tell me...she wouldn't! I was so frustrated because I would have to wait for her to send the results to my doctor in Kansas City and then wait for my doctor in Kansas City to call me with the results.  After the ultrasound was done and the tech left, I snuck a peak at the ultrasound pictures that had printed out and saw that the large follicle said 2.28cm.  I wasn't sure how to convert cm to mm, so I had to wait to get to the car to get on the internet.

I knew my follicle needed to be between 18-24mm and mine was 22.8, so I thought that was pretty good, but I was still upset that there was only one follicle. I thought I would have like 3 or 4 of them, but no, just 1 follicle.  I got back to the office and was upset about the one follicle, so no one really asked me any further questions.  I emailed my doctor in Kansas City to tell her that I had the ultrasound and asked her to call me when she could.  I don't think time could have krept by any slower, but I suppose it could have.  3:20 came around and I saw the "913" area code ringing on my phone, I was so excited!

After the specialist told me she hadn't gotten the results and we tracked down my ultrasound results she told me that the follicle was actually bigger than I thought coming in at a whopping 25 mm!!!!!! She told me she was surprised that I hadn't already ovulated because it was so big and gave me instructions to give myself the Ovidrel shot tonight between 8-10 pm and that I needed to be in Kansas City in the morning for an appointment at 10:30 am to start the process of the IUI.  I can't believe it is so soon! 2 weeks ago I would have told you this would take forever, but it's already here!

This will be our 3rd attempted IUI. Since the last IUI I have lost 40 pounds, taken a stronger medication, took a z-pack, had another round of blood work and am giving myself the Ovidrel shot, so hopefully all of those things add up to SUCCESS!!! Most researchers say it takes an average woman 3-6 tries at IUI before a live birth, so here is to hoping 3rd time is the charm! 

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