Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's A BOY!!!!!!

It's a BOY!!!! Gavin Elijah Morgan! Yes, his initials are GEM, not by mistake, as he is our little gem!

My parents came in town last Sunday and stayed until Monday when I had an appointment at ultrasona to get a 3D ultrasound.  It was so cool! We could see him so clearly! He looks just like I Joe, with a long face.  He was kicking away, so already a soccer player too.  He was sucking his thumb, chewing his arm, and just doing everything so cute.  It was great to be able to experience this with my parents, especially since they are so far away.

After we knew it was a boy we went to Babies R Us to get a few things. We got the lamp that matches the bedding, his changing pad, changing pad cover, border for the walls and a few clothes.  It's all still pretty surreal.  Joe opened the closet just yesterday and said "Holy Cow, there are baby clothes in here!".  I think we forget!

I had another doctor's appointment on Thursday.  We confirmed he is indeed a boy.  His little heart has all the chambers, we were able to see the left and right side of his brain, the cerebellum, his little thigh bone (coming in at a whopping 1 inch), and he was again kicking away! Since he was so developed, they moved up our due date to December 31st! Let's hope for that tax deduction!!! But really, all I want is a little healthy baby, so this year or first of next, I will just take healthy!

Yesterday and today we are getting the walls all done.  Joe painted yesterday and we are adding the border today.  I will add pics when we are done!

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