Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Growth Spurt!

The past few appointments have been rather uneventful, which I guess at this point is a good thing.  My 2 regular doctors (Vlastos and Nguyen) have been either completely booked or teaching at SB conferences so I have seen 2 other high risk doctors.  The 2 other doctors I have been seeing are not very educated on Spina Bifida so it is frustrating having to explain to them that Evie will have surgery a mere 3.5 hours after birth! But none-the-less, we keep on trucking and show up to our appointments every week.

Last week Evie didn't do so hot on her biophysical testing - she only got a 6/10 because she refused to breathe for the ultrasound tech.  She wasn't sleeping because she was moving all over but she refused to practice any lung movement at that time so mommy had to lay on the super uncomfortable table for the full 30 minutes and still...nothing! We then got her NST test which she always passes with flying colors.  The doctor I was seeing last week was running incredibly behind and Joe had to leave before we could even meet with her.  That appointment was probably the most "normal" appointment I have had since this diagnosis.  We talked about back pain and swelling and there was never even a mention of Spina Bifida - weird!

This week Evie flew through her biophysical testing and decided to have hiccups and breathe like a champ for the tech, 10/10!! Her ventricles are all measuring about the same - right around 2.  The tech I had was so confused at the fact that I didn't have the fetal closure surgery.  She very rudely said "well why wouldn't you have that done if it was available" - she rubbed me the wrong way so I very ungraciously snapped back at her and said "I didn't qualify" then she wanted to know the specifics on why - hey, lady, that's none of your business! So moral of that rant is she didn't even measure the opening on E's back so we have no idea what that is measuring right now. Hopefully we get our awesome tech back next week! We did get her weight this time though....

 7lb 2oz! HOLY COW!!

2 weeks ago she was just over 5lbs! The girl hit her growth spurt! Even with her increased weight I didn't gain any weight which is fine by me! She is getting some super chubby cheeks and was making the funniest faces at us.  We got one of her stink face and of her smiling - to say she is expressive already is an understatement - I have no  clue where she gets that from :)

I met with a doctor that I hadn't ever seen which sucked and once again they were running late so Joe had to head back to work. This guy knew minimal about SB but still said things like "we need her to be nice and chubby because she might need surgery after birth" - MIGHT? Did you mean to say she has her surgery already scheduled?!?! So stinking frustrating, but I had no other choice but to see him! He looked at my scar from my c-section for Gavin and said it looked good and that they will probably be able to use the same spot - I sure hope so! That was that, no more talk of anything and I was out the door 10 minutes after I got put in the exam room!

Next week we finally get to meet with Dr. Vlastos again and then the next week Dr. Nguyen. Thankful I get to see my doctors for my last 2 visits before surgery (if I make it that long - come on sweet girl, we are ready for you!).

Praying for an uneventful next few weeks and that our sweet girl graces us with her presence sooner than later (as long as those lungs are ready). I guess I probably need to pack my hospital bag now - gosh how things are different the second time around :)

Keep on praying guys - our sweet girl needs them and mommy and daddy need strength to finish this out! Much love to you all!

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