Thursday, September 5, 2013

Neurosurgery Follow Up

Yesterday Evie had her first MRI outside of the womb. She did so great and the tech said they were the best images he has ever gotten on a baby her age...that's our girl!!

We then went to clinic and were supposed to meet with Dr. Elbabaa, our pediatric neurosurgeon and Pam, the physical therapist.  Well apparently Pam didn't feel well so she had already gone home by the time of our appointment. We will meet with her on our appointments on the 18th. 

Evie's head looked great on MRI, they re-set her shunt (since it is programmable by a magnet and the MRI is a magnetic test, her shunt re-sets itself and needs to be fixed after exposure to magnets), and we looked at her growth chart. Her head is perfectly adjusted back on the 90th percentile when it was completely off the charts before her shunt was placed - so that is GREAT news!

Dr. Elbabaa was absolutely glowing when he saw Evie. He said she is the most beautiful baby. He was like a proud papa and we are so happy he takes such ownership of his patients! He held her and played with her and even stood her up to see what kind of function she has.  For a doctor that has so many patients to be so vested is truly amazing. We absolutely love him and are so happy he is our doctor!

We then went up to visit NICU to see if our favorite nurses were up there. We fell in love with 2 nurses there, Lindsey and Holly.  Every time we are at Cardinal Glennon we go up there to see if they are working and we haven't been able to catch Lindsey yet - we have seen Holly once. Well yesterday was our day and they were BOTH there! 

Lindsey came out the door and ran and gave me a big hug. I could have cried I was so excited to see her! If it weren't for her we would probably still be in the NICU - ok not really, but she was a huge help in getting us discharged when we did. Holly was the calm spirit that listened so intently to our every concern and helped get all of our "stuff" done so that we could be discharged. So thankful for both of them. 

We talked for a while and they both held Evie. It was like Evie remembered their voices because she was smiling at both of them :) 

It takes a special person to be a NICU nurse and an even more special person to be so good at what they do and these two women have it mastered! They were truly our light and angels while in the NICU and made our stay so much better! 

We go back to Spina Bifida clinic on September 18th - we will meet with Urology, Physical Therapy and maybe Orthopedics.  Evie will have her urodynamic testing done again and a renal ultrasound. We are praying for just small improvement on her bladder and not expecting any huge changes but small changes in the right direction would be awesome!

Thanks for all the continued prayers - our girl really is our miracle baby! Here is a picture of Evie and Gavin - they seriously adore each other!! 

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