Friday, June 10, 2011

No more Progesterone!!

Today was the first day since April  that I didn't have to use my progesterone suppositories!! I have been counting down to this day since about the day after I started them and for some reason I am less excited about not having them than I thought.  I am extremely nervous that my baby and my body will not produce enough progesterone on its own and something will go wrong. 

Everything I have read says the fetus should be producing everything itself now so I shouldn't worry, but it's so hard not to! I have been dependent on them.  In my head taking the progesterone equaled me having a healthy pregnancy so without them everything surely can't be ok.  I have to tell myself that my doctor is the best out there and got us this far and would not recommend something she wasn't sure was ok to do or not to do in this case. 

I guess I just have to trust my doctor, my baby and my body right now and hope and pray that we produce enough of the good stuff known as progesterone to keep a happy little home for my baby for at least 28 more weeks!

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