Friday, July 22, 2011

Things Are Coming Together

Things are coming together around here! We have the tall dresser in the baby room, my parents have the crib and they just ordered the dresser/changing table combo to be delivered in about 2 weeks! It is so exciting to go in the "spare room" and see baby furniture in there.  I now realize I had myself convinced I would never get to experience this!

We have been keeping busy around the house, clearing out closets and reorganizing things around the house to declutter before we reclutter with baby stuff. The baby stuff is more than welcome, don't get me wrong, but I am loving the cleaness lately!

Today I was just shutting down my computer at work packing up to head home and I was resting my left elbow on my left knee, kind of crunched over and I felt something weird...I was feeling the baby for the first time! I felt a little flutter and it was longer than I had prepared myself.  I know the baby is only 4 inches or a little more, but it was like he/she was saying, hey stop squishing me! I was so excited, I texted Joe, who was elated, and yelled at two of my bosses that I just felt the baby.  We talked for a few minutes about it and they were so excited! I am feeling so blessed to be able to feel our little creation now instead of just hoping and praying everything is fine, I can fell the little bean in there now, so reassuring!

Lastly, I would please ask anyone that is reading this to stop and pray for strength and healing for my family as we navigate through some very tough times.  My aunt hasn't been given a very good prognosis with her stage 4 Ovarian cancer and was just admitted to the ER today for having fluid in her lungs. At this point, chemo isn't working, so all we have is prayer.  This is up to God, modern medicine isn't working, so we need the strength and healing from up above, not that we haven't been praying for strength and healing this entire time, but at this point, this is all we have.  I know it is selfish, I just don't think we are ready to lose her yet, but that is easy to say when we aren't experiencing her pain.  I just hope when the time comes that she is called to heaven, the rest of the family can see the good in all of this and know that her pain is gone.  But no negative thoughts for now, though reality is hard to escape, only prayers for strength and healing.  Thank you.

           ***We love you Aunt Cin***
Ovarian Cancer...It LISTEN

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