Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Check-Ups

We are well into our weekly check-ups and they are becoming more and more exhausting.  The coordination of care for Gavin (or having to bring him with us), Joe picking me up from work, going to the appointment, brining me back, working the rest of the day, blah blah. I know it is for the best and to make sure Evie is doing good in there, but this is exhausting!

2 weeks ago at my appointment we got the original tech that did our first US at this doctor's office. We LOVE her! She is so patient, loves explaining things to us and most importantly SHOWS us what she is seeing and talking about.  We got to see some awesome pictures of Evie's back for the first time ever! We saw her SB in 3D! There is a covering over her spine, it is bubbling ever so slightly, which isn't good or bad, the best news of all is just that there is, indeed, a covering!

This tech re-measured her ventricles, which did grow slightly but they aren't nearly as large as the last tech that measured them.  They are at 1.7 and 1.8 (ish). She measured them all different ways and those two numbers are pretty much the average of all of the measurements. We got to see Evie's hair on her head, she has a lot of it!

We spent a lot of time in the US and got to see lots of cool 3D images because this tech actually likes her job and takes her time!

Then we went to the NST test, sat there a while. My heart dropped a few times because Evie was acting crazy and her heart would go way up into the high 160s then drop down way low, like 110-120! The nurses said it was fine that it was just because she is so active.

Then we met with the doctor. This week we met with Dr. Vlastos (he is Dr. Nguyen's partner and also does the Fetal Care Institute that we go to - so very convenient).  He walked in and the first thing he said was "Your babe looks awesome!" I  had a frown on my face and said "no she doesn't!". He immediately asked why I would say that and I spilled my heart out that her ventricles were clearly growing and her spinal abnormality was growing and that it wasn't good and I was worried. I'm sure I babbled on for longer than just those few statements. He reassured me there is nothing to worry about and that this case of SB is a very good case (if there is such a thing) and that we are all good.  He said the opening looks much larger on US because they zoom in so much to see it. So what is taking up the entire screen is really only the size of the first part of your thumb.  He said the opening is very small and should be really easy for Dr. Elbaba to close up.  He said not to worry about her ventricles because the size in the womb is not indicitive of whether or not Evie will need a shunt. So all in all, he really put us at ease.  I once again tried convincing him that May 13th was a perfect day to have a baby (instead of May 20th - come on if you know us, you know 13 is our number!) but for the sake of Evie's health and not wanting to create any more problems the 20th it is! We really love Dr. Vlastos and love that he takes his time with us and answers everything so that I can understand it! 

Before we left I asked him if he had gotten my 3 hour glucose test back. He looked in the computer, pulled up the results and flipped the screen so I could see it.  All I saw at first was the word ABNORMAL highlighted in yellow. I said "Abnormal, are you kidding me? What do I have to do now?" All he could do was laugh, like belly-holding laugh at me because I was so mad.  He said do you see the little "L" next to the word abnormal? I said yes. He said that means it was LOW, abnormally low, you are good, you passed! I said thank God! Glad he got a good chuckle because for about 30 seconds I was already missing pasta!

That was that. Next appointment was the following week (yesterday).

So yesterday we went back to get testing - wouldn't be meeting with the doctor this time. We had Gavin with us this time so we didn't have to have a family member rearrange their whole day for just an hour of testing (plus drive time). Gavin was good, as usual in public. He likes to watch everyone and what is going on. He didn't love waiting for me to get my NST but other than that, he was a good boy.

We didn't get the awesome tech but we didn't get the crabby rude one either, I'll take that as a win, although she wasn't too thrilled to be at work.  She measured and checked Evie's breathing on US.  Evie's ventricles didn't change over the week, great news! Her back looked the same, although it took her forever to find the spot and said it is VERY hard to see, also good! The US was rather quick this time but we did get a "thumbs up" picture - Evie must have known big brother was with us and wanted to let him know she was all good! We saw all her hair again, there's a ton! I hope they don't have to shave it all off if she needs to have a shunt implanted!

Then we went to sit and have my NST. I'll tell you what, having a NON-stress test while having a 1 year old with you probably isn't the best idea, but we passed and got out of there in no time. Gavin was happy to leave and decided he was going to lead us to the door. Crazy boy, acting like he owned the place!

I have another appointment with tests and meeting with Dr. Vlastos again next Wednesday then next Thursday we have our FINAL appointment at Fetal Care where we will meet with Dr. Elbaba again and get Evie's spinal closure surgery on his calendar. 

I am so excited that time is flying and we will meet our angel in just 5 1/2 weeks but I am getting more and more scared of how our reality is about to be rocked! I knew it would be rocked just by adding another little life but with the increased medical attention that will be needed, I am starting to freak out and wish she could live in me forever, although I am done being pregnant already! We will figure this all out and know that we have an awesome God that has this all under control, because I sure don't!

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