Monday, June 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Overall, being home has been WAY easier than being in the NICU and home.  It has its difficulties though.  With Evie only being able to be on her tummy still we are not able to hold her so when chasing after Gavin it is difficult to have her in her bassinet or pack n play and us somewhere else.

We have made do with the help of family stopping by the help out with the kids and the constant help of my parents. It will be much easier once we can hold our sweet girl and once we are in a permanent place where we are all on one level instead of being so spread out.

We have a home health nurse that comes once a week to check on Evie's incision and to make sure she is gaining weight, we love her!

We have had the First Steps coordinator come over to get our information and request the appropriate therapists come over to assess Evie. We are looking forward to that.

The Friday before Memorial Weekend we had a pretty big scare.  Evie managed to pop about 5-6 stitches on her back where she wiggles a lot.  It happens to also be the spot which is healing the slowest.  With the holiday weekend looming we were worried her back would get worse over the weekend and wouldn't have access to our specialists (the ones that actually operated on her) so we called the nuerosurgeon.  He asked that we come in to the Cardinal Glennon ER.  So, we packed up Evie and took the 45 minute trip to the hospital.  We get in to a room and they call our neurosurgeon's nurse to come and take a look at her. They were worried spinal fluid might be leaking which would mean part of her actual spinal repair would be damaged.  They took a look, decided what we were seeing was tissue trying to form and said to keep an eye on the incision but that we really needed to talk to the plastic surgeon to make sure they didn't want to stitch up the opening.  The opening was so big that it was 5mm wide and you could see the next layer of stitches under the skin.  We had to wait for almost 4 hours for the plastic surgeon. When she finally got there she said she wished it would have held up better but that it still looked great.  We were to continue with our current plan and as long as the spot didn't get any bigger we should be good to go. What a relief, but what a long day!

We have had many visitors to the house and are so thankful for everyone that has cooked for us, it makes my life much easier and my heart is warm knowing my family is getting a home cooked meal instead of some frozen thing!

We have been doing well and Evie is looking good. So far our Chapter 3 is going great with a few bumps in the road, but hey, who would want a bump-less story? Wouldn't that be boring??

Thanks for the continued prayers!

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