Thursday, August 15, 2013

Evie at 3 Months

Evie weighs 16 pounds 9 ounces and 24 inches long. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! She is HUGE! We looked up in Gavin’s baby book to see how old he was when he weighed that much and he was 5 months old! I guess momma’s milk is yummy!

I am still feeding her only breast milk. I pump every 3 hours and once overnight and so far so good! I have a ton frozen which is such a dramatic difference from when I had Gavin I was just about done nursing by this point since my supply had diminished so much. I am very, very thankful for this gift I can give my girl and hope I can start getting her nice and healthy (besides her weight!)

She eats 5 ounces every 3 hours and has a major issue with spitting up still.  We add cereal to my milk to help settle it in her stomach and help with the vomiting, it seems to be working. We add 1 tsp per ounce.

Evie has been sleeping 10-12 hours at night. Yes, we are very lucky! She is a great sleeper, unlike her brother!

She started daycare and that has been going wonderfully.  They all love her to pieces and love seeing what outfit and hair pretty she has on each day! I love to dress her up, it’s so fun! I think I am making up for the first 5 weeks I couldn’t dress her at all :)

Gavin still adores his sister. He absolutely loves her. He loves to hold her and kiss her. He helps bounce her in her bouncy chair and loves to “help” feed her.  He is also obsessed with me pumping and loves to call mommy’s boobs “boo boos” so needless to say we don’t have boo boos at our house when he hurts himself, we have “owies” – we don’t need the poor kid thinking he has a boob growing on his knee!! Lol

We cath Evie 3-4 times a day and she is on Ditropan to help with her overactive bladder. She also sees a physical therapist once a week and she is doing great!

We are incredibly blessed with such progress and hope to keep moving in the right direction. 

Here’s to our miracle baby! Happy 3 months sweet pea! 

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