Thursday, August 15, 2013

My little man at 18 months!

Gavin weighs 31 pounds and is 32 inches tall.  He has had quite a few haircuts because his hair is so thick and grows so fast!

Eating habits: He loves food! If you ask him if he wants to eat dinner he says “no, snack” (pronounced “nack”) so he thinks every meal is a snack! He loves almost anything you put in front of him but some of his faves are pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets, mommy’s grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, bananas, grilled cheese, chips, pears, asparagus (go figure!) and pretty much any kind of cheese!

Sleep: He (finally) consistently sleeps through the night.  He takes one afternoon nap every day ranging from 2-3 hours.

Daycare: He loves his daycare and his teacher right now is Ms. Jenny. He calls her “ne ne”. On the way to school every day he screams (and I mean screams) “ne-ne, ne-ne” so it makes me happy he likes to go there and play with his friends.  Now that Evie is at school with him he gets to go visit her in her room.  The first time he got to go see her he was so confused. He kept looking at Jenny then looking at Evie like “what is she doing here?” – so precious!

Hobbies: This child LOVES motorcycles. I mean, he likes games with motorcycles, motocross, Harleys, anything that has to do with a bike, he loves ( I think I know what theme he will be having for his 2nd birthday!). We got him a trike that has the Harley logo on it and he rides it everywhere, all over the house! He loves his puppies and yells at them all day long. He also loves to feed the dogs which is a losing battle. He just laughs and laughs when they eat the food he throws at them.  He loves his baby sister and refuses to call her by name (which he pronounces “eebee”) and instead calls her “baby”.  Every baby picture in the house he thinks is her – he doesn’t think his baby pictures are him! He loves to swim and splash and play in the water!

So smart!: This kid is smart beyond his age. If you show him any of his animals in his Noah's Ark toy he can do the sound they make (lion and pig are his favorite). He knows so many body parts including, eye, nose, ear, mouth, teeth, hair, knee, elbow, toes and most importantly his belly - which he pronounces “beyee” – it’s the cutest thing ever! He loves to sing and dance in the car and “read” us his books. He loves his bible which happens to be mine from when I was a kid – so proud!

Gavin, you are growing to be such a big boy! We are so proud of you and the wonderful big brother you are to your sister. Mommy and daddy love you so much and couldn’t ask for anything more!

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