Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Gavin was a cowboy and Evie was an Indian. I don't know what I am going to do when they don't want to be in coordinating costumes, my heart might break! They are so cute together!

Gavin's outfit was complete with a toy gun, horse, cowboy hat and of course, his boots! I made Evie's costume - it's hard to see all I did but it was complete with 2 rows of fringe and a feather headband!

This year was so much fun! Gavin is old enough to trick-or-treat now and we had big plans for a fun evening! My parents made chili and we had wood and our fire pit ready to go complete with marshmallows for roasting...and then the rain wouldn't stop. So much for that, so on to plan b!

Plan b included getting drenched in the rain because it was so windy the umbrellas didn't provide much dry-ness.  We attempted to take the double stoller with Evie but since the wind was so intense the rain was getting her soaked. So to avoid a sick baby she stayed at the house with grandma and grandpa handing out candy while mommy and daddy took our cowboy trick-or-treating.

Gavin had so much fun! He is usually super shy but he walked right up to the houses and said "trick or treat" and then "thank you" when they put candy in his bag.  Usually he got another handful of candy for being so sweet and having good manners- just what he needed. 

Right as we were about to be done walking the neighborhood it quit raining so we stopped at a few more houses. It was only 7pm when we got home so we decided to do the traditional dump your candy on the living room floor routine. Mommy checked it to make sure it was all safe (made me feel really grown up! haha) all of it was good except 1 piece - not too shabby! My mom always ditched all the rules on holidays and let us eat whatever we wanted when we wanted so I thought I would keep the tradition. I am usually very strict on sweets but Gavin ate his little heart out. Double fisting it most of the night and past his bed time but it was worth it to spend the time with him and see that smile!

Gavin got to sleep around 8 and insisted (for the second night in a row) to sleep with his boots. He is obsessed with them. I figure it can't hurt anything to let the kid sleep with his boots so I obliged with his request. This morning he woke up with no PJ shirt on, just the pants and his boots on. 

This year was a success even if it did rain on our plans. Hopefully we get to do the firepit and mallows next year.

My mommy heart is full and happy! Love my babies to the moon and back! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween with the kiddos!!

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