Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blood Results

I had blood drawn on Friday, April 29th and got my results the next monday.  My level was 130, which confirmed the pregnancy.  My doctor said the number was good, but the most important number would be the one we got on Tuesday.  I got more blood drawn on Tuesday, which was 4 days after the last, that means my levels should have doubled twice.  They are supposed to double every 48 hours in a "healthy" pregnancy.  So, they should have been 520.   I had convinced myself everything was already going wrong (for no reason), so I told myself anything over 400, I would be happy.

My nurse called me at 8:30 on Wednesday morning (thank God I didn't have to wait all day!) and told me my number was....are you ready?....891!!!!!!!!! I was so elated! We scheduled an ultrasound for May 19th, I will be almost 7 weeks, so we will be able to hear the heartbeat.  If everything is good with the size of the baby and it's heartbeat, I will get released from my doctor in Kansas City and will begin seeing my doctor in Springfield.  

I am so relieved, excited, and am feeling utterly blessed at the moment.  Maybe three years was worth the wait, if I am going to have a stellar little baby growing inside me! 

*Blessed beyond words*

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