Monday, January 21, 2013

Miracle in the Making!

We went to the doctor again on Friday, just 8 days since I had seen all the specialists at the Fetal Care Institute.  The doctor we saw was my "high risk" maternal fetal medicine doctor.  We loved him when we met him at FCI and he happens to have a practice so I decided to keep him for consistency and just becuase!

While at his office I had another ultrasound.  For the first time EVER, Evie decided she would cooperate without too much hoaxing! She was wiggling like crazy but our tech was the best yet and was able to keep up with her.  The tech was explaining everything she was seeing, and we were, of course, asking a million questions. 

Right now we know enough to get us in trouble. We know that we need to keep an eye on the ventricle sizes and that they are maxed out for what is considered "normal" so we don't want them any bigger.  We know that her head size is great right now and that we don't want any more fluid build-up around her brain.  We know how to correctly view her feet and leg bones to check for clubbed again, we know enough to get us in trouble and ask thousands millions of questions during the ultrasound! Our tech was great, she was glad we were so informed and she gladly answered all our questions and showed us exactly what she was seeing.

Evie's head was checked, her ventricles were the same. While this is GREAT news, it was only 8 days since the last check, so the doctor wasn't expecting any big changes.  Her head still looks like a little lemon, but the fluid is stable and her head size is still good. 

The tech was telling us all about her brain and I was like great, moving on, can we look at her little back -- afterall, that is what the BIGGEST issue is! I kept asking and asking how her back looked, where it was looking like the abnormality was and so on.  She kept saying she couldn't see anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She said "I can see some widening, but it's not alarming" so she pulled out a different probe and put it in my belly button.  It wasn't that uncomfortable for me but Joe said it looked painful.  It was with that probe she could FINALLY see the "abnormality" and was actually able to measure the size of the opening. 

The opening in Evie's back is less than 1cm right now.  While it will grow, the doctor said it will only be the size of 2 vertabrae and on a baby that should be about an inch, maybe a little bigger maybe a little smaller. 

This is the most AMAZING news we have gotten. The tech kept saying if it wasn't for the signs in E's head she would have never thought she had SB.  It is wonderful that we have these fantastic doctors at our finger tips and they are able to prepare us and baby girl for her upcoming fight.  What is completely insane is that Joe, my mom and I all saw the abnormality just 8 days prior without any special probes. It was pretty big and it looked like her spine just stopped and then started. It was quite literally a black hole in the ultrasound and now everything was there....the tech even pulled in my doctor to look for himself.  He said that before it looked like her spine just stopped and now it was all there. 


I saw it, we all saw it. Her spine was not there just 8 days earlier.  It was the same machine, the same doctor viewing and reading the images, I swear, this is a stinkin miracle!

I would like to be face to face with ANY person that does not believe in our amazing GOD! I will show them the pictures myself, I will tell them myself....HE is here, HE is real, HE is in the business of miracles.  If he is interested in healing my baby girl who hasn't even set foot on our soil or breathed our air, HE is interested in saving EACH of us! I promise, this is a miracle! My baby girl is being healed right in front of our eyes! I don't know how else to explain it, there isn't any medical reason her spine magically appeared. 

While we understand, with SB things are constantly changing, at least her opening is little and her spine is there. Common sense would tell us all the smaller the area is open the less damage can be done to the nerves that float in and out of that opening. 

We go back to my doctor again February 15th for another ultrasound and to meet with the doctor. I then go back to FCI to meet with Evie's doctors on February 21st.  I love that I get to see my baby girl all the time now.  While it is under the least of ideal circumstances, at least I get to see her sweet face (I think she already looks like me!) They print us pictures every is a picture of our sweet girl praising Jesus with a smirk on her face! (the part that looks like is on her face and above her head is her cord, don't be alarmed :))

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