Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AFP Results

Last Friday while we were at the doctor I had my blood drawn for the Alpha-Fetoprotein test.  The test results do not change our course from here on out, it simply provides us a little more information during our waiting game. 

Today, the genetic counselor called me to give me my results.  A normal AFP test (a child without an open neural tube defect) should expect the results to be no higher than 2.5.  A child with some sort of thin covering should expect the number to be between 4-6 and a completely open defect should be expected to be between 8-10 (per my MFM doctor - I didn't just make those up!).  My MFM doctor said he expected my number ot be between 8-10.  While the numbers don't ALWAYS predict whether there is a covering or not or how thick or thin it is, the number does provide some information, generally speaking.

OUR NUMBER WAS 3.1!!!!!!

As I said, my doctor was expecting between 8-10! I can't wait until I seem him next to pick his brain on what he thinks this means.  It is barely over what they consider normal. 

While talking to the genetic counselor, she did say she has a patient right now that has a completely skin covered SB and her number was 1 something, so that means we aren't totally skin covered, but maybe, just MAYBE we have some thin layer of skin or sac or something that isn't showing on ultrasound providing some protection to our little angel's spinal cord rather than it floating all around.

The amniotic fluid is what causes all the damage to the nerves and cord and such. It is toxic.  So if not a lot of protein is coming out to be measured in my blood, not a lot of amniotic fluid can be going in, right?! I know I am no scientist by any stretch of the imagination and sometimes my practical way of thinking can set me up for false hopes, but I really do think that my baby girl is being healed by Jesus and that is why the number is so low.

Now we will continue our waiting game, but it is somewhat comforting knowing that we blew the doctor out of the water with our number compared to his expectations...he just hasn't figured out that our baby is a MIRACLE baby yet :)

Keep the prayers coming....they are working!!!


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